A music junkies tour of England

So a few weeks ago I went to England for the first time. I went to be a part of my friend Amy’s wedding in Newcastle. Amy and I met a few years ago at a Kings of Leon concert at the Gorge when we were both living in Seattle. We ran into each other a few weeks after that at another show and decided that we should be friends. You know how you meet people and you feel as if you’ve known them forever? It was like that. But blond, loud and British. I fucking love her.

Newcastle England WeddingNewcastle England Wedding Prosecco

So off I go as the professional bridesmaid to show these Geordie’s how this bitch does a wedding. Meaning drunk and ridiculous, but always entertaining. It was an amazing day and I loved meeting all of Amy’s family and friends and so lucky to be a part of it.  And I got to wear a fancy hat (that I stole off Amy’s fabulous mum Jackie).England Fancy HatNewcastle England Wedding

Newcastle England Wedding

Amy and Steesh decided to postpone their honeymoon till next year, so lucky them…they got to spend some time with me after the wedding.

We hit up the markets in Tynemouth where I got my happy little hands on some vintage vinyl.

Tynemouth Market Newcastle England Tynemouth Market Bread Newcastle

IMG_4461Newcastle England phonebooth

Next it was off to London. Now when I travel I do it a little differently than some. Yeah..the London Eye that’s cool and all, and it was nice to walk by it.  Oh hey Buckingham Palace!  I see ya down there, tell the Queen and Kate I’ll be by later to sip some tea….but my must see list consisted of drinking and eating my way through London while checking out some iconic music spots. So I’m a HUGE Beatles fan, so obviously first on the list….Abbey Rd. It was pretty surreal to be in that space where the Beatles created so much amazing music.  Also, trying to take a pic on the crossing without getting hit by a car is a bitch.

Abbey Rd Studios London England

Abbey Rd Studios

Abbey Rd Studios London England

.Liverpool England


Outside Abbey Rd Studios they have a wall where people write notes and their names etc.  I’m glad I got to leave my mark in such a special place.

Abbey Rd Studios London England

Abbey Rd Studios London EnglandAbbey Rd Studios London England Abbey Rd Studios London England

We also were able to check out The 100 Club. They weren’t open, but the doors were unlocked so I just went on in and took a pic in the same space you entered to watch The Clash and the Sex Pistols play in the 70’s.  Goosebumps. (Sorry about the trespassing)

The 100 Club London England

The 100 Club London England

As I walked down Denmark St I kept thinking about how back in the day Davie Bowie and the Stones hung out and recorded there.  Now this is the history class I would have liked in college.

Denmark St London England

London England

Carnaby St.  I was disappointed not to see Austin Powers walking around.


London England


 Camden was next on the list.  Vintage shopping and drinking….it was as if Amy Winehouse’s spirit was right there with me.

.Camden Town London England Camden Town London England Tattoo Shop Camden Town London England John Lennon Street Art Camden Town London England Camden Town London England


I loved the bad ass buildings.
Camden Town London England street art Camden Town London England Amy Winehouse

Next on to Liverpool. The highlight of my time in Liverpool was knocking back a few drinks in the Cavern Club and hitting up 69A, a vintage and antique store. I was able to pick up some cool shirts for my bro, dad and one of my fav cousins, Cannoli.

Liverpool England Cavern Club Liverpool England Cavern Club Liverpool England Ringo Starr

Liverpool England

Liverpool England The Beatles Museum

It was a whirlwind of two weeks and flew by…as things tend to do when you’re having fun.  I hope if you’re going to England, you can use some of my spots as travel recommendations. What would you add to the list?

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